Crowdfunding CD Tango sacro
Get to know our new record project: tangos de Piazzolla and Mederos for string quartet and bandoneon.
Altar de muertos
It is a work for string quartet by Mexican composer Gabriela Ortiz (1963), which ranges between the syncretism of pre-Hispanic cultures and the ritual of the day of the dead, as well as between the advent of new techniques of instrumental interpretation and folk music.
This festival offers young interpreters of rubbed strings and composers an important space for their development. The next meeting will be held from September 18 to 30, 2018 and as special guests will be the "Latin American Quartet" and the composers Mario Lavista (Mexico) and Gustavo Leone (Argentina).
Q-Arte y Latinoamérica
Through the ages, music has stimulated the imagination of people for many generations in the countries of Latin America. Our history, experiences and influences have shaped an identity resulting in an exotic mix of trends and genres.